The Man Behind the Art

The Man Behind the Art

 “When there are people who doesn’t know me and pity me because of my disabilities. I get upset. But then again, I remember God’s guidance that a disability is not a hindrance to whatever achievement we want to commit but a motivation to go on.”

What can stop us from the wants in our life? Can we be stopped or does it only lie in our minds? Persons with disabilities or as we say handicapped are the persons whom are less fortunate than us, who are given the normal physical attributes and living the normal life. But rather being thankful of it, we usually complain and ask for more. Beyond the loud noises and busy schedules of students in Bascaran National Highschool is a boy who has dreams of hios own and yearning for the love of art he has. Painting and drawing the best in his life by being inspired and motivated all the way through.

This man behind the art is named Angelo Duran, 16, a fourth year student of Bascaran National Highschool, 9th son of Mrs. Myrna and Mr. Dominador Duran is a handicapped person who has an abnormal arms and legs which is the reason of his incorrect posture in walking and standing. When asked about the reason why he is like this, “Ang alam ko lang inborn to, ako lang naman ang ganito sa amin na 10 na magkakapatid.” Despite of this being in his family, his family never stops to believe in his ability and supports him in his journey in life, never making him feel that he has less in his life instead making him feel that he is enough just as he is. Proven this, the Theater Arts had already taken him in Heritage of Pasay to perform. “Ang theater Arts na ito ay binuo para sa mga normal na bata at ganoondin para sa mga may mga kapansanan. Nagustuhan ko kasi nai-improve ‘yung skills at confidence ko sa sarili.”   He has also excelled in his academic standing. “Nang nasa elementary palang ako naging SSG officer ako at ng grumadweyt ay salutatorian.”  Aside from his academic skills, he has also a talent specifically in drawing. He had many works of arts and some of them are made because of competitions and gained awards. “Iyong iba kong drawings hiningi ng iba dahil sa nagustuhan nila.”  His talent was discovered when his still in elementary, “Nagsimula ako sa pagdudruwing ng mga cartoon characters, lalo na iyong mga characters ng Dragon Balls.”

He also wanted to pursue his education in college at Bicol University and recently he passed the Bicol University College Entrance Test (BUCET) with the course of Computer Science. Asking what motivates him, he answers, “Sa totoo po nahihirapan akong maglakad dahil sa kalagayan ko. ‘Di ko na lang po iniisip na mahirap. Pag naglalakad po ako di ko na rin iniisip ‘yung ibang taong ida-down ako. Siguro po sa tulong ni God kaya ayokong isipin ang sinasabi ng iba. Iniisip ko na lang po na para sa pamilya at sa mga pangarap ko naman itong lahat. At para din po sa nanay ko.“ Angelo is part of the organizations which was formed to help children especially with disabilities which is named the Simon of Cyrene. This organization gives more attention to those children’s who have these skills and helping them to enhance and show it to the public. They only not help people with disabilities but they also include the families and the communities as well. “Counterpart po ang tulong na natatanggap ko mula sa kanila.”  The Simon of Cyrene helps Angelo by supporting him in financial needs, health and nutrition, capital and technical assistance in their livelihood.

Life has its ups and downs. People encounter different kind of challenges which sometimes gives us the reason to lose hope and give up. Each one of us has its own experience of happiness and sadness in life. Like any other people existing in the world, Angelo has his own hurtful thing that happened to him. “Pag may baguhan at nakkita ako at pag sinasabihan akong nakakaawa ako, masakit po iyon sa part ko. Kapag ganoon ang nangyayari, umiiyak po ako ng halos dalawang araw.”  When asked how he coped it, “Nacope-up ko po iyon nang may nakita akong may mga kapansanan ding iba na tulad ko na may mga talent.”

            Angelo is one great source of inspiration for us to be grateful for all the things we have received in life. No matter how hard life is he does not treat it as hindrance to all the goals he has in his life and for his family. When asked about his inspiration, “Si Mama na lang talaga ang nagpapalakas sakin.”  From that words he has a strong grip that as long as with his mother who continues to believe in him he will continue to be the man behind every majestic works of art that when will continue to make and making most of his life under the good guidance of God.



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Justice: 44 Fallen


Last January 25-26, 2015 people had been surprised of the big news about the clash between the Special Action Force (SAF) of the Philippine National Police (PNP) allegedly joined by United States Army Special Forces and the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom Fighters (BIFF) and the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) at Tukanalipao, Mamasapano, Maguindanao. People didn’t expect this to happen in this early time of the year even the government. Many have been afraid of the occurred fight were in we all know that the involved people have the same blood and nation. It is an original mission to serve the warrant of arrest for the high-ranking terrorist and it suddenly led to a fight were the 44 members of the Special Action Force had died.

Information leek out to the public and Filipinos have their own thoughts and emotions for what happened, for the 44 fallen including for the family of the deaths. With the incident, Filipino people is been affected and many questions are seeking for the right answers. Minds are embroiled. Feelings are shattered. For the families who had been left of their love one for serving the country is seeking for help to have the justice. They don’t want to become a waste of what their love one gave to the country. We all know that it is really hard for someone to lose a family that we never expected when and in a brutal way. For the government, we can’t say that they didn’t do something because we are not in their position to just judge them and throw all the blame to them. Maybe, they also did what they know was right. Maybe they just don’t respond on time. Maybe, they lacked for something that we can call enough. Position is a word just written on a paper, it doesn’t mean that being in the position they have is being also a perfect person, that it can make you to do everything. Their also humans like each one us; having their own weaknesses and failures in life. And for the 44 fallen who give their life for serving the country, we can’t bring back the life you have but you will all be in our hearts to remember. What happened and your death, we will be seeking for justice and mostly your own families who love you the most. It makes us sad but we have to accept what happened because it’s not going to bring you all back. We are hurt of what happened and this time around we’re going to continue the duty you left and make you our inspiration and to become a more stronger person for the countries good sake.